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Pheobe Meryll
15 December 2008 @ 12:52 am

I love the song Hare Hare Yukai.  And dancing the dance.  <3

And I'm obsessed with the song Supermassive Black Hole by Muse.  So much that I was extremely upset to find out that it was used in the new Twilight movie.  Ich.  I hate Twilight.

I'm reading the Lioness Quartet by Tamora Pierce.  It's one of those books that I can't believe I missed out on when I was little.  It's totally amazing.

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Pheobe Meryll
19 October 2008 @ 10:29 pm
- Thank you to my dear friend crimson_tear23 for the new layout! - :)

I don’t really know where to start. A lot of things have changed since my first couple entries about college. I’ve decided to drop my English minor, for one thing, after many long talks with friends, teachers, and of course parents. I want to take voice lessons next semester, and I’m working on learning more about how to make that possible. But those are just a few of the external manifestations on the personal changes I am going through. I had a really hard couple of years leading up to this, and I’m in the process of breaking free from some of the problems and struggles I dealt with during those years. The process is really hard and sometimes extremely scary, but I know I will be a better person for it because I am being true to myself. That is the ultimate truth, to be true to oneself. I feel happy and fulfilled knowing that I am living out my dream. I am trying to love myself, and not be afraid of not being loved. 

I think I can do it.

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Pheobe Meryll
10 October 2008 @ 12:58 am
I'm home for fall break...and I'm ready to leave already. This is what I escaped by going to school.  I need to get out.  I need to go back NOW.
Pheobe Meryll
03 October 2008 @ 11:04 am

New goals:

SIGHT READ for 4 minutes EVERY DAY

Be ALERT and PROFFESSIONAL at orchestra rehearsal


PS I <3 Mr. hose.

Pheobe Meryll
18 September 2008 @ 12:37 am

List to self: Things to work on.
-Frame of mind at orchestra. Orchestra is NOT the time to be exhausted, distracted, thinking about dinner, homework, practice, and sleep. Orchestra is the time to be focused and intensely concentrated. It is, after all, my second most important class after private lesson; it is training in the exact field and job type that I am pursuing. Even if I haven’t learned all the notes of whatever piece we are playing that day, I have to count and keep focused enough to do a decent job. When Mr. Hose is rehearsing with other instrumentalists, I should rehearse my part mentally, not zone out. When I put the bow on the string, I should look at the concertmaster’s bow and make sure that I am in the right place. I should not talk, especially if I am going to complain. I should feel excited and grateful that I have the opportunity to be playing in the orchestra at all. I should feel energized by the confidence of knowing I am where I want to be. I need to fix this. Let me be the energetic, precise one. Let me be a good example of an orchestral player. I don’t need caffeine; I need a different frame of mind. 
-Technique, specifically elbow/wrist involved in bow control.  I need to just work on this, and pay attention to it at all times, and be patient. I can’t let myself get frustrated the way I tend to feel when I look in the mirror and see myself slip up. Frustration won’t fix anything, and it just makes me want to give up. I have to be patient and work really hard. My teacher will know that I am trying. You can’t fix ten years of bad technique overnight. No one expects that. But you can make improvement by gradations – only through hard work and above all, intellectual attention.
-The best way to get a good frame of mind is to take small breaks, moments just to think.   It’s also important that I make the time to listen to music for pleasure. And eating is important to!
-Remember why you are doing what you are doing. “Discipline is remembering what you want.”
-Don’t complain. Everyone is just as busy as you, if not more. Why would you complain about living your life’s dream? This is it. You always dreamed about studying music. You always wanted to do this. Remember that when you want to complain.
-Find something you love in every class. Okay…maybe not theory…
-Talk to the professors more, and be positive.
-Talk to the upper classmen and don’t stop asking them for help with practicing. Keep challenging yourself. Don’t let yourself off guard.
-Plan regular study sessions for aural/theory, because those classes are going to get harder.
-Work on secret plan. Secret plan = doing really super well in music classes this semester and impressing my teacher so much that I’ll have the guts to propose to my parents to drop the English minor I’m doing and replace it with more music classes. (This is what my gut wants to do. I can’t stand being around English majors when my heart is in music. It’s like trying to be a porcupine when you’re really an octopus.)
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Pheobe Meryll
13 September 2008 @ 12:37 pm
This is MY teacher. <3
I am learning from someone this amazing.

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Pheobe Meryll
12 August 2008 @ 12:37 am

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Send a heartbeat to
The void that cries through you
Relive the pictures that have come to pass
For now we stand alone
The world is lost and blown
And we are flesh and blood disintegrate
With no more to hate

Is it bright where you are
Have the people changed
Does it make you happy you're so strange
And in your darkest hour
I hold secrets flame
We can watch the world devoured in its pain

Delivered from the blast
The last of a line of lasts
The pale princess of a palace cracked
And now the kingdom comes
Crashing down undone
And I am a master of a nothing place
Of recoil and grace

Is it bright where you are
Have the people changed
Does it make you happy you're so strange
And in your darkest hour
I hold secrets flame
We can watch the world devoured in its pain

Time has stopped before us
The sky cannot ignore us
No one can separate us
For we are all that is left
The echo bounces off me
The shadow lost beside me
There's no more need to pretend
Cause now I can begin again

Is it bright where you are
Have the people changed
Does it make you happy you're so strange
And in your darkest hour
I hold secrets flame
We can watch the world devoured in its pain

"The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning" - Smashing Pumpkins

Pheobe Meryll
04 August 2008 @ 03:14 pm


I did this a while ago...sadly, I've come back to do it once more...

Six Ships I Love

1) Batman/Catwoman (Batman)
2) Donna/Eric (That 70s Show)
3) Kaname/Yuki (Vampire Knight)
4) Nuriko/Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi)
5) Djaq/Will (BBC's Robin Hood)
6) Aeli/Ryshael (rpg characters of my friend and myself)

Three Ships I Liked, But Don't Anymore

7) Eko/Ana-Lucia (Lost)
8) Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter)
9) Wolverine/Rogue (X-men)

Three Ships I Don't Like

10) Jack/Kate (Lost)
11) Kureno/Akito (Fruits Basket)
12) Carrie/Bigg (Sex and the City)

Two Ships I Am Curious About, But Don't Actually Ship
13) Jackie/Hyde (That 70s Show)
14) Charlotte/Dan (Lost)

1.) Why do you dislike #11 so much?
Mehhh.  Akito really loves Shigure, and she used poor Kureno.  And Kureno knew it, but he was too tender-hearted and foolish to know better.  The whole affair just upsets me.  >.<;;

2.) Who is someone you know that ships #13?
Um, no one, really.  The only other person I've ever heard comment on it disliked it.  Personally, I think it has potential, but I don't know...

3.) What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3
It already happened,
right here. 

4.) Which is your favorite episode for #1? Try to pick just one.
Episode?  Hmm?  ("you're catnip to a girl like me...")

5.) How long have you been following couple #6?
Um...teeheehee.  Ryshael was basically invented for Aeli.  It was about three or four summers ago and Steph, Jessi and I were doing a roleplay together.  Ryshael kind of came out of nowhere and started molesting Aeli's ears...and my favorite rpg ship was born.  XD

6.) What's the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring?
Okay.  After Chamber of Secrets, I was a pretty hardcore Harry/Ginny shipper.  Little Ginny was so cute.  But then she started to get all popular and bratty and mean...ugh.  She doesn't have much of a personality besides that.  I don't really support any other Harry ships, but I do think he deserves someone better than Ginny.

7.) Which ship do you prefer - #2 or #4?
Oh, man.  I think I'll have to go with Donna/Eric.  Their relationship is so great.  I love Nuriko/Miaka, but it's kind of more of a fangirl thing and anyway I sort of multi-ship Miaka...>.>

8.) You have the power to make one ship non-existent. Choose from #10 or #12.
LOL!  I would say Jack/Kate, but then we'd have no story.  Too bad!  I choose it anyway.  w00t.

9.) What interests you about #14?
Awwwww.  Dan wubs her!  <3  I wonder if she wubs him back?

10.) When did you stop liking #7?
About the second time watching season 2.  I was like, "what was I thinking?"  lol

11.) Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show?
No.  *cough*  I still kind of like the idea, based on the movie.  I just know it's not accurate to the comics, so I pretend like I don't ship it. 

12.) What's a song that reminds you of #5?
o_o; I don't know...they're not angsty enough to have a song.  They're just a ship that I think is cute.

13.) Which of these ships do you love the most?
What??!  You're asking me to choose?  T_T;  There's no earthly way.  Okay, I'll go with Ryshael/Aeli since I actually have some control over it.

14.) Which do you dislike the most?
Jack and Kate.  So dysfunctional.  So stupid.  Meh.

EDIT:  ZOMG!  Vampire Knight has been updated!  Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayness!  XD
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Pheobe Meryll
22 July 2008 @ 09:05 am

Something I'd like to share with people.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9-CS2v8wcc&feature=related - Be sure to watch the entire thing.  It's amazing how he can switch parts pretty easily.  His voice never cracks and it's really smooth.  And he sounds amazing singing either part.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAPlmEHo9QQ&feature=related - zomg.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHE4X7HFmTM&feature=related - I think this one best shows of the beauty of his voice.

Pop edition of Andreas Scholl??  His falsetto is gorgeous.  The only qualm I can find with it is that once in a while some of the top notes will be pretty weak/airy/nasal...maybe it could use some smoothing out (I noticed this in the Disney songs the most).  But generally he has beautiful control.  I love it!

He seems to be very modest about his talents.  On his bio page he says "I realize that there is a great deal of humor in what i do.  I don't take myself that seriously, and am just doing what i love to do. Feel free to chuckle a little."  I applaud him for being able to have that attitude, but I must say that personally I don't find it humorous to watch him sing at all!  Music goes beyond the realms of gender and it really doesn't matter who's singing anymore.

People like this inspire me.  ^^;;

(And yes, I did write him some fan mail.  <.< >.> *giggle*

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Pheobe Meryll
15 July 2008 @ 07:04 pm


The Literary Character Meme taken with gratitude from trutitipudlian.

“Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is your friend-list’s mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character ‘letter’ from a character on that list. Then they post their own lists in their journals and the process continues!”

Mine be:

Lemony Snicket (Daniel Handler is the author's real name, and since Lemony is actually part of the story, he must be a fictional character) - A Series of Unfortunate Events

Holden Caulfield - Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger

The Duchess - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Hamlet - Hamlet by Shakespeare

Pippi Longstocking - The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (xD) by Astrid Lingren

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